St+art Infuses Vivid Colours In Monochromatic Sassoon Docks

St+art Infuses Vivid Colours
In Monochromatic Sassoon Docks
Team DraftCraft / Mumbai

St+art India Foundation has embarked upon St+art Mumbai 2017 Urban Art Festival with the #sassoondockartproject - an experiential exhibition to showcase the creation of site-specific installations, murals, audiovisual experiences, screenings, talks and curated tours in an unconventional space of one of the busiest docks of Mumbai, nestled at the tip of Colaba.

Over the next two months, the 142-year-old space of Sassoon Docks will be transformed into a public art exhibition that will delve deeper into the various layers of the city, and the multilayered contexts of the dock, say the organisers.

The festival will mobilise artists to create murals, an experiential exhibition, performances, workshops, curated tours, screenings, talks and many more interventions, which will bring various creative communities together. The aim is to connect these areas of modern Mumbai, which seem so distant from one another, yet are part of a shared history and explore how integral these spaces have been to the cultural history and development of the city.

The aim is to create a temporary cultural hub and provide a stimulating experience, open to everyone while working alongside the vibrant community of locals and economies that are thriving in the area.
St+art India Foundation’s Co-Founder and Festival Curator Giulia Ambrogi says, “Expanding at a very fast pace the city that never sleeps has spots lost in time. Everyone in Mumbai knows of Sassoon Docks but very few have ever stepped in. The aim of the Sassoon Dock Art Project is to unlock an area, which is ready to be discovered, enlightening its narratives through art interventions of international and unique Indian artists.”

The Sassoon Dock Art Project is an ecosystem of its own to experience in an overall dialogue between the finest contemporary global urban art and the deepest local traditions.

After the successful completion of the Mahatma Gandhi mural at Churchgate Station, St+art India Foundation is happy to announce the St+art Mumbai 2017 Urban Art Festival. Having previously organised 6 St+art festivals in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad creating iconic landmarks within all these cities, the St+art festival returns to Mumbai after the previous edition in 2014.

St+art Mumbai 2017 is set to host five art projects between October 18 2017 and December 30, 2017, to reflect on the nature and DNA of the city of Mumbai by working in some of its most significant, yet historically and contextually different locations - Churchgate Station, Mahim (E), Sassoon Docks and Jindal Mansion.

Art projects at St+art Mumbai 2017 include: 

Churchgate Station
October 18-October 28
The Churchgate station, one of Mumbai’s busiest stations, got an artistic makeover with a tribute mural to the father of the nation - Mahatma Gandhi by legendary Brazilian street artist, Eduardo Kobra.

Mahim (E) Art District
The creation of the Mahim (E) Art District - St+art India’s second public open-air art district will witness the coming together of Indian and international artists and urban designers regenerating several of Mahim (E)’s common spaces and transforming it into a vibrant walk through art gallery.

Sassoon Dock Art Project
November 11-December 30
Get reintroduced to Sassoon Docks through an experiential exhibition, which will see the creation of site-specific installations, murals, and audiovisual experiences, which will delve deeper into the various layers of the space. The Singapore Weekender will be taking place at Sassoon Docks between 17-19 November.

Inside Out Project 
November 11-December 10
St+art urban art festival will bring to Mumbai iconic French artist JR’s global participatory project Inside Out Project whose large‐format street paste-up project celebrates identity and amplifies untold stories. The project will celebrate the vibrant and diverse fishermen communities of Sassoon Docks through photo blowups of portraits.

Jindal Mansion 
December 1-December 15
The Jindal Mansion on Pedder road is known to be a power center - a pristine building embedded in the heritage of Mumbai. A massive installation at Jindal Mansion by one of India's top designers - Manish Arora will give passers-by an opportunity to admire a work of art when they are traveling through one of the busiest roads in Mumbai.

Arjun Bahl, Co-Founder & Festival Director, St+art India Foundation says, “We are delighted to be back in Mumbai for the 7th edition of the St+art festival.  The curated projects will enable people to discover a different side of the Maximum City, spaces which are usually taken for granted.”

“Mumbai is a city of contrasts and several untold stories. Through the St+art Mumbai 2017 festival we hope to dig deeper into the fabric of the city and also reintroduce the people to some of its forgotten spaces. Hopefully by the end of the festival, there will be new art spots in Sassoon Docks and Mahim (E) for people across all sections of society to come visit and enjoy, in addition to the iconic Mahatma Gandhi mural at Churchgate Station,” feels Akshat Nauriyal, Co-Founder - Content Director & Digital Head, St+art India Foundation.

Sanjay Bhatia, Chairman, Mumbai Port Trust says, “With its historic legacy, Mumbai Port is pleased to be a part of the art exhibition at Sassoon Docks, which is the oldest dock from where the port has evolved over the past 150 years. The port has been a standing testimony of Mumbai’s evolution and this initiative of wall painting and its exhibition is a step further in this direction. We welcome the artists, both international and Indian in their journey to revamp the Sassoon Docks with their murals and take it to global limelight.”

St+art India has been supported by Asian Paints and associations ranging from Mumbai Port Trust (MBPT), Singapore Tourism Board, Bonjour India, Institut Fran├žais and JSW Group besides a host of other partnerships with cultural institutions and embassies.

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