Sassoon Docks: Mumbai's Jewish Connection (Heritage Walk)
Bustling Fish Port with History of Smuggling and Bollywood
Walking Tour of Sassoon Docks + New and Old Docks + Fish Market + Docks' History of Crime and Tryst with Bollywood + Kolis and Banjaras + Film Screening + Snacks + A Pint of Beer OR Beverage (Tea/Coffee) + Expert Talk with Director of Web Documentary 'In The Dock'

You could spend a beautiful SUNDAY MORNING, soaking in the rising sun and history of more than a century-old Sassoon Docks in the heart of Colaba!

#SassoonSundays guarantee the curious travelers; domestic/foreign tourists and Mumbaikars the perfect Dock experience at the 143-year old iconic structure. This tour will provide a glimpse into the lives and cultures of Koli and Banjara communities inhabiting and working at the Docks. Cultures that have been fairly intact since the Docks were first built.

Built more than 140 years ago in 1875 by a Baghdadi Jew named David Sassoon, Sassoon Docks is the oldest in the city and one of the largest fishing markets in Mumbai today. This iconic heritage site bustles with people and fishing activities everyday making it a photographer's delight. But there is much more to Sassoon Docks!

The smell of fish, the loud bargaining voices of fisherwomen, the hurtling ice-bearing hathgadis and the basketfuls of fish freshly plucked and glistening adorn the city's oldest docks. The way they work at the boats, sell their wares in the morning, load the hathgadis with ice and heave their way through the slippery waters of the Dock, clean the jhingas (prawns) outside godowns and more.

#SassoonSundays will also expose you to the recent history of the docks. Sassoon Docks has been at the epicentre of crimes that shook Mumbai in the past. At the same time, the docks have featured in numerous Bollywood movies and a closer look at the new and the old docks will remind you of some famous scenes and shots, even some epic Amitabh Bachchan 'The Angry Young Man' movies! 

Without an early morning tour of Sassoon Docks, a trip to Mumbai would be incomplete. 

- Explore the iconic 143-year-old Sassoon Docks - the historic Old and the colossal New
- Learn about Sassoon Docks' legendary tryst with Terror, Gold Smuggling and Bollywood
- Experience the Culture and Lives of Kolis and Banjaras
- Visit Mumbai's famed Fish Market selling the choicest wares straight at the Dock
- Witness fishing activities such as loading, unloading, stitching fishing nets, etc.
- Learn about Dock-workers' issues
- Enjoy the breathtaking view of Sassoon Docks against the Arabian Sea
- Meet and Network with like-minded individuals
- Take Photographs and Selfies at the 143-year-old Docks and Capture Heritage Digitally

WHEN: EVERY DAY (7 am - 10 am)

COST: Rs 3,500/- per person (both Indian and Foreign Nationals)

COST INCLUDES: Walking Tour of Sassoon Docks + New and Old Docks + Fish Market + Docks' History of Crime and Tryst with Bollywood + Kolis and Banjaras + Film Screening + Snacks + A Pint of Beer OR Beverage (Tea/Coffee) + Expert Talk with Director of Web Documentary 'In The Dock'

- #SassoonSundays includes a Film Screening and Discussion and Expert Talk for the more 'curious' and 'knowledge hungry' souls
- The Tour can be customised as per personal requirements for e.g. We could conduct a tour exclusively for a couple or a small group of friends or family on ANOTHER day/date

07:00 am - Meet at DraftCraft - The Mumbai Studio, Colaba (See Map)
07:15 am - Group starts to walk towards Sassoon Docks after introduction
07:30 am - Walking Tour of Sassoon Docks begins starting from the Old Docks
08:15 am - Group proceeds towards the New Docks
08:30 am - Rest and Snacks for the Group
09:00 am - Walking Tour of Sassoon Docks finishes
15 minutes for selfies @ key locations featured in 'In The Dock'
09:15 am - Group leaves Sassoon Docks and walks towards DraftCraft - The Mumbai Studio 
09:30 am - Film Screening at DraftCraft - The Mumbai Studio with Beer/Beverage
10:00 am - End of #SassoonSundays Tour

MEETING POINT: DraftCraft - The Mumbai Studio, Colaba (See Map). It is situated 350 m from the iconic Sassoon Docks.

- Participants must REGISTER IN ADVANCE, to reserve a spot on the Tour
- Spots will be given on a 'First Come First Serve' basis
- All Registrations close by 6 pm Friday for the subsequent Sunday Tour
- Payments have to be made IN FULL IN ADVANCE, at the time of registration
- Carry an Official Photo ID (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving Licence or Passport)
- Photo ID will be checked before the start of the Tour
- Wear comfortable Clothing and Cap or Sunshades, if you need
- Wear Sports Shoes (the Docks might be slippery with fish water)
- Bring a Camera if you want to shoot
- Carry your own Water (you will be able to buy water at the site)
- If you have a medical condition, please carry the necessary Medicines

Email events@draftcraft.in or Call/WhatsApp at 8080441593, after which availability and payment information will be provided.

1) Cash - You could make a cash payment, in full and in advance, at DraftCraft - The Mumbai Studio located in Colaba (See Map).

2) Paytm or FreeCharge - You could make the payment through Paytm or FreeCharge, in full and in advance, by transferring the amount to the number - 8080441593 (DraftCraft International)

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